When a Teacher Behaves Unethically

"When teachers break the precepts, behaving in ways that are clearly damaging to themselves and others, students must face the situation, even though this can be challenging, criticize openly, that's the only way."

His Holiness the Dalai Lama

"Each student must be encouraged to take responsible measures to confront teachers with unethical aspects of their conduct. If the teacher shows no sign of reform, students should not hesitate to publicize any unethical behavior of which there is irrefutable evidence. This should be done irrespective of other beneficial aspects of his or her work and of one's spiritual commitment to that teacher. It should also be made clear in any publicity that such conduct is not in conformity with Buddhist teachings. No matter what level of spiritual attainment a teacher has, or claims to have reached, no person can stand above the norms of ethical conduct."

Fred von Allmen, Brendan Lee Kennedy, Ven. Ajahn Amaro, Bodhin Kjolhede Sensei, Jack Kornfield, Martine Batchelor, Dharmachari Kulananda, Stephen Batchelor, Jakusho Bill Kwong Roshi, Alex Berzin, Lama Namgyal (Daniel Boschero), Ven. Thubten Chodron (Cherry Greene), Ven. Tenzin Palmo, Lama Drupgyu Crony Chapman), Ven. Thubten Pende (James Dougherty), Lopon Claude aEsnee, Lama Surya Das (Jeffrey Miller), Edie Irwin, Robert Thurman, Junpo Sensei (Denis Kelly), Sylvia Wetzel.


This website no longer represents the organization run by Mr Ramlal Bomjon aka Buddha Boy, aka Palden Dorje, aka Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha, aka Maitreya Guru Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha, aka Tapasvi, and has reduced its content due to a long series of grave problems that could not be resolved internally.

At the highest levels within the organization all the way to Mr Ramlal Bomjon himself, lies, cover-ups, divisions, discrimination, and even criminal activities have plagued the proclaimed objectives of compassion and unity that are advertised publicly.

Letters have been sent to inform Mr Ramlal Bomjon and to give him the opportunity of correcting both the causes, the processes, and the disastrous consequences that such actions have had and truly aligning that organization's practices to the stated objectives of truth, compassion and unity. To this day he has never answered any of the reported issues. Instead, the situation kept worsening. Just recently he named around himself even more controversial individuals, which appears to indicate his total disregard with compliance to the laws and regulations of both Nepal and other countries.

His choice of individuals at key positions in his organization can only lead to the results and scandals that have been witnessed so far, as the number of qualified, meriting, capable people has been reduced dramatically. In light of that we deem necessary to warn the public, and invite everyone to extreme caution when dealing with Mr Ramlal Bomjon's organization.

As the speeches he gives appear to display the fundamentals also present in Buddhism, it has been decided to leave that content so the readers may form their own opinion about that content. In the absence of any possibility to directly ask important questions to him and receive clear and direct responses from him, one can only use his or her own judgement to form an opinion as to the validity of those speeches when examined in the light of the actual actions performed by people in his entourage, which are the direct consequence of instructions he himself has given.

In the future we will make public all the issues that have not found a resolution through dialogue and cooperation within the organization still in the hope that once out in the open, those would help create the necessary conditions to prevent that these excesses and unethical behaviours continue flourishing. In the hope also that the noble goals of compassion, truth and unity, which are more important than any single person, even Mr Ramlal Bomjon himself, may be still the aim and goals we can share with ALL our fellow human brothers and sisters, without any exception.

Until such a time this website will serve as a hub for presenting to the general public all the aspects of what has been actively covered up or lied about.